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Realizing Successful Business Activity

MIB COThank you for visiting.

Thank you for visiting MIB CO. LTD.. We are an original equipment manufacturer for major companies in korea and have been exporting to U.S.A. Japan, South=East Asia South America and Africa. Since we opende our business, we have been developing many products and doing rigid quality in korea and international market

Manufacture Facility
We promise to provide the best quality products through modernized facilities long term experience in the industry and good customer service.

Company : MIB CO.LTD    Address : 170-2 2ga Palbok-dong Deokjin-gu jellabuk-do Korea    TEL : +82-63-214-0217/8   FAX : +82-63-214-0219  
Business Registration Number : 402-81-70109 E-mail : mibcop@hanmail.net
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